Blue Pimpernel

Blue Pimpernel
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Blue Pimpernel

Anagallis Monelli

The Poor Man's Weatherglass


These eye-catching deep gentian blue flowers open when it's sunny and close when rain is expected - hence the traditional name 'poor man's weatherglass'. Plants have a spreading habit and are drought resistant when established.

A beautiful addition to the border of a garden or in containers where it will drape off the sides and bloom until fall. Do not over water.

Planting time - 8 weeks before last frost date.

Height - 10 inches - trailing

Germinates in - 20-30 days - Keep evenly moist and warm until first true leaves appear.

Sowing Depth - press the seed on top of the soilless mix.

Thinning - or transplant to groups of 2-3 plants into the garden after all danger of frost has past.

Net weight 200 MG