Cat Treat - Ryegrass

Cat Treat - Ryegrass
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Cat Treat - Ryegrass

Annual Ryegrass

Cats and Kittens love grass and growing indoors, year round, is easy and fun. Cats will lie on it and eat some, which also helps keep them from eating your houseplants. Safe and nontoxic, cat grass aids in their digestion. Take home a packet for your cat or for a cat lover you know.

When plants are 3 inches tall, place it on the floor for your cats enjoyment. Cat grass is a member of the grain family and will grow tall if not trimmed.

Planting time - indoors anytime of year

Germinates in - 4-7 days

Sowing Depth - Press seed lightly into soil

Row spacing - 15 inches

Seed spacing - 1/2 inch

Net weight 8 G (Estimated 3300 seeds)