Heritage Cornflower Blue Boy

Heritage Cornflower Blue Boy
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Cornflower Š Blue Boy

Easy to grow annual.

Cornflowers; so called in England where they often self-sow in cornfields, were brought to the Americas in the 17th century. Better known today as BachelorÕs Buttons, these blue beauties were worn by returning sailors to signify they were available to marry.

Rich blue fine petalled pom-pom flowers bloom atop two foot tall gray-green foliage. Blooms late spring to early fall. Lovely cut flower or in a wildflower mix. The cut flowers are also edible.

Easy to grow annual for full sun. Sow seeds directly outdoors in late spring when soil has warmed, covering with 1/4 inches of fine soil.

Thin to 6 inches apart.

Net weight 1.1 G (Estimated 230 seeds)

Removing spent flowers will encourage continuous bloom, will self-sow from year to year.