Biodegradable Pots

Biodegradable Pots

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CowPots are revolutionary pots made with 100% renewable composted cow manure.

CowPots are manure-fiber based seed starter pots and are the most biodegradable pot on the planet, which will allow for unrestricted root growth creating stronger, healthier plants. These earth-friendly pots are an exciting high performing alternative to plastic, peat pots, and other non-sustainable garden pots and planters. The manufacturing process removes pathogens, weed seeds and the odor of manure!

They are a sustainable approach to plant containers and are easy to use!

Plastic vs Manure
Just fill the garden pots with potting mix and plant the seeds according to the seed packet directions. When your plants are ready just plant the CowPot with the pot intact into the ground! The roots will grow right through the pot. This will help you to start your wonderful garden. Go green by planting these manure based pots and give back to the earth.

The benefit of using CowPots is to allow the roots to grow freely and thus growing strong, healthier plants. So whether planting small herbs or large vegetables you will be able to find the right gardening pots for your needs. CowPots make excellent indoor starter pots and outdoor growing containers! CowPots is one of ten recipients for the 2007 MGA Green Thumb Awards. Look through our vast selection of CowPots and find the sizes that best fit your uses.

“Thank God you sell the larger Cowpots because nobody else does! Great prices too!”
- Pheobe of Great Barrington, MA

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