Encendia Biochar

Encendia Biochar
Discovered in the Amazon. Made in New England. Encendia takes organic waste and uses it to produce soil amendments called Biochar.

Biochar is a product that utilizes carbon and the physical structure of charcoal. The surface area and carbon help bind nutrients in the soil better so that they can be more fully utilized by your plants. This product has many beneficial implications and can be easily added to your current fertilization practices.

Advantages of adding Encendia’s Biochar to your soil are:

  • Increased efficiency of water and nutreints.
  • Reduces need for additional fertilizer and water.
  • Increased biodiversity in the soil.
  • Helps build organic matter in the soil.

There are two blends for you to choose from.

Encendia Biochar - Spring Blend 1/3 cu. ft.
$19.00, 2 for $35.00
Encendia Biochar - Urban Blend 1/3 cu. ft.
$19.00, 2 for $35.00