Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance
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Product Description

This extraordinary kit contains all the items you need to perform maintenance tasks on your garden. This kit will enable you to successfully grow quality vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and beautiful landscapes.

BioSafe Disease Control - Oxidate 32oz RTU.
Keep plant diseases such as Powdery and Downy Mildew, Late Blight, and Black Spot from damaging your customer’s gardens with it’s powerful activated peroxygen chemistry. Use on flower and vegetable gardens, shrubs, and trees. Recommend they spray all season long to prevent loss and promote stronger, healthier plants. • Begins Working Immediately • Eliminates Mildew, Blights, Wilts & More • Biodegradable & Leaves No Harmful Residue

BioSafe Weed Control (AXXE) 32oz RTU
AXXE is an OMRI Listed herbicidal soap that is tough on weeds, but easy on the environment. Burn down a broad spectrum of plants to maintain weed-free patios, walkways, and driveways. Use AXXE as a spot treatment in gardens and landscapes to eliminate back breaking hand weeding without harming the soil.

BioSafe Insect Control (AzaGaurd) will make 3 -32oz RTU.
BioSafe Insect Control is a non-toxic insecticide that repels insects, inhibits growth, feeding, and reproduction, minimizing insect damage to plants. BioSafe Insect Control is an all around sustainable product in its ingredients and packaging. The unique packaging allows you to have three individual refill applications and the use of 96 fl. oz with the purchase of one product.