Heirloom Seed Gift Hod

Heirloom Seed Gift Hod
Item# heirloom-seed-gift-hod

Product Description

The gardeners in your family will love this gift. A Lil Maine Garden Hod full of some of the best heirloom garden varieties!

It ships for $2!

The Hod is crafted in Maine and is extremely well made. Perfect for transport of tools and seeds to the garden, harvest and cleaning of vegetables, and much more.

The heirloom seeds that are included are part of Hart Seed's Heritage line and are packaged in beautiful packets that are modeled after the old fashioned packets circa 1900.


Lil Maine Garden Hod

Beans Bountiful

Beans Kentucky Wonder

Beans Scarlet Runner

Beet Detroit Dark Red

Cucumber Straight Eight

Cucumber Boston Pickling

Lettuce Romaine

Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson

Lettuce Merveille Des Quatre Seasons

Peas Dwarf Grey Sugar

Pumpkin Connecticut Field

Radish Sparkler White Tip

Spinach Bloomsdale Savoy

Squash Summer Crookneck

Squash Cocozelle

Silver Beet Five Color

Tomato Amish Paste

Tomato Brandywine

Grape Tomato Reisentraube

Watermelon Moons & Stars