Herb Minder Large

Herb Minder Large
Item# OF-PEP

Product Description

This fertilizer is easily utilized, it brews like tea and is a great way to add nutrients to your soil. It is a blend of 21 herbs, Kelp meal, and greensand. This fertilizer supplies a 3 - 1.5 - 2 as well as 32 micronutrients.

This box contains 5 bags that can be brewed to make 20 gallons of fertilizer.

PlantPepTM Fertilizer Brew So convenient, so safe, so naturally rejuvenating! PlantPepTM creates fertile soil for robust plant growth

-Makes up to 20 gallons of fertilizer

-Feeds the soil

-Brewed liquid form allows immediate uptake of nutrients

-Made from certified organic herbs and greensand

-Includes all essential minerals and full-spectrum macro and micro nutrients

-As easy to make as brewing tea

-Child, pet, and plant safe - even at full strength

-Lightweight and odorless

-3-year shelf life

-Use concentrate or diluted, depending on plant type Guaranteed NPK values:

Nitrogen (N) = 3.18

Phosphorus (P) = 1.73

Potassium (K) = 2.22