Hart Seed Heritage Flower Collection

Hart Seed Heritage Flower Collection
Item# HF-6000
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Product Description

18 Heritage flower varieties discounted 10%. All the packets needed to grow an heirloom flower garden.

Amaranthus Love-Lies Bleeding
Blanket Flower
Cornflower Blue Boy
Cosmos Sensation Mix
Forget Me Not Firmament
Four O’clock Marvel of Peru
Granny’s Nightcap Mix
Outhouse Hollyhocks
Larkspur Imperial Mix
French Marigold Petite Mix
Moonflower Evening Sun
Morning Glory Grandpa Ott
Nasturtium Empress of India
Phlox Drummondi Mix
Poppy Oriental Scarlet
Sunflower Mammoth
Sweet Peas Old Spice Mix
Zinnia Pumilia Mix.

These Varieties may be used as substitutes if the ones above are not available.

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
Sunflower Velvet Queen