Heritage Tomato Amish Paste

Heritage Tomato Amish Paste
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Heritage Tomato - Amish Paste

From the Amish comes this family heirloom tomato discovered in Wisconsin. Plum shaped red fruit, 1/2 pound size.

Medium indeterminate plant with wispy regular shaped leaves. Fruits have sweet taste with somewhat juicy flesh, popular for whole canning, paste and puree.

Plant seed indoors 6-8 weeks before danger of frost is past. May also be planted outdoors after last frost. Plant seed 1 inch apart and cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil, well pressed down. Place seed starting tray in a very warm place (both day and night) and cover with plastic to preserve moisture until seeds sprout.

Germinates in 7-14 days depending on temperature.

Matures in 60 days from setting out.

Net weight 250 MG (Estimated 85 seeds)

Bulk Heirloom Tomato seed available.

10000 Seeds/oz. Plant 1/8oz per 100ft row.

2lbs of Heirloom Tomato seed needed per acre. 4oz needed per acre if using transplants.

Average Heirloom Tomato yield per acre - 741 bushels.
On average, 1oz of seed can produce 3000 Heirloom Tomato plants.