Hart Seed Heritage Vegetable Collection

Hart Seed Heritage Vegetable Collection
Item# HV-5000
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Product Description

20 Heritage vegetable varieties discounted 10%. All the packets needed to grow an heirloom vegetable garden.

Beans Bountiful
Beans Kentucky Wonder
Beans Scarlet Runner
Beet Detroit Dark Red
Cucumber Straight Eight
Cucumber Boston Pickling
Lettuce Romaine
Lettuce Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce Merveille Des Quatre Seasons
Peas Dwarf Grey Sugar
Pumpkin Connecticut Field
Radish Sparkler White Tip
Spinach Bloomsdale Savoy
Squash Summer Crookneck
Squash Cocozelle
Silver Beet Five Color
Tomato Amish Paste
Tomato Brandywine
Grape Tomato Reisentraube
Watermelon Moons & Stars

These Varieties may be used as substitutes if the ones above are not available.

Carrots Danvers Half Long
Squash Golden Hubbard
Basil Lettuce Leaf
Silver Beet Lucullus