Kohl Rabi White Vienna

Kohl Rabi White Vienna
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Kohl Rabi White Vienna

The so called Stem Turnip because the turnip like tuber is an enlargement of the stem 1 to 3 inches above the ground. The light green tuberous stem is used the same as turnips, and should be used when 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Flesh is clear white, tender and crisp, not unlike that of cauliflower.

This plant prefers a sunny, well drained location. Water as needed by soaking ground around plants.

Planting time - Early spring

Matures in - 55 days

Germinates in - 10 to 12 days

Sowing depth - 1/4 inch

Row spacing - 12-18 inches

Seed spacing - 1-2 inches

Thinning - when plants are 2 inches tall, thin to 6 inches apart

Net weight 1.3 G (Estimated 400 seeds)

Bulk Kohl Rabi seed available.

8000 Seeds/oz. Plant 1/4oz per 100ft row.

4lbs of Kohl Rabi seed needed per acre.