Larkspur Imperial Mixed

Larkspur Imperial Mixed
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Larkspur Imperial Mixed


The annual delphinium is traditional in the cottage garden. Blooms retain their colors when dried, making them popular for fall decorations.

Soft green feathery foliage provide a backdrop for the long floral spikes in a complete range of colors. Outstanding for cut flowers. Blooms quickly from seed. Gets to a height of 2 feet.

Easy to grow annual in full sun or partial shade. Sow seeds outdoors in early spring or start indoors 6-8 weeks earlier. Cover with 1/8 inch of fine soil. Thin to 12 to 15 inches apart. Prefers a cool climate and germinates best at 55-60 degrees.

Germinates in 14-21 days.

Net weight 550 MG (Estimated 260 seeds)