Lunaria Money Plant

Lunaria Money Plant
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Lunaria - Honesty - Money Plant


This plant is grown mostly for the round, flat silvery seed pods that are produced the second year from sowing. The dried seed pods are used in winter bouquets, mixed with other Everlastings. Flowers are purple and white.

Lunaria prefers a sunny location. Water as needed by soaking the ground around the plant.

Planting time - Early spring to mid-summer.

Height - 2 feet

Germinates in - 12-15 days

Sowing Depth - 1/4 inch

Row spacing - 24 inches

Seed spacing - 2 inches

Thinning - when plants are 2-3 inches tall thin to 6 inches apart.

Net weight 600 MG (Estimated 30 seeds)