Heritage Moonflower Evening Glory

Heritage Moonflower Evening Glory
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Moonflower - Evening Glory


A member of the morning glory family; first discovered in Central America. Prized in gardens since the mid 1700Ős for enjoyment during a moonlight stroll

This annual, night blooming vine fills the air with an intoxicating fragrance as the sun sets. Each luminous white trumpet shaped flower can be 5-6 inches across and lasts only one night to be replaced the following evening by newly opened blossoms. These are tropical vines and do not flower until the summer evenings become warm.

Plant seed directly outdoors 4 weeks after last frost, or start indoors using CowPots, as Moonflower does not transplant well. Seeds germinate best if soaked 24 hours in water before planting. Cover seeds with 1/4 of fine soil and keep moist until vines are 6 inches tall.

No need to fertilize, blooms best if grown in poor soil in full sun. Plants need support such as fence, trellis or stone wall.

Net weight 3.2 G (Estimated 15 seeds)