Onion Purplette

Onion Purplette
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Onion Purplette

An early maturing specialty onion suited to northern growing areas. Can be grown as a purple pearl bunching type when young, burgundy colored mini cipollini type later in the season, or allowed to fully mature to a small - medium size bulb where seasons are long.

Rich purple-red bulbs turn pastel pink when cooked or pickled.

Planting time - early spring as soon as the ground can be worked

Matures in - 60 days

Germinates in - 10-15 days depending on the soil and weather conditions.

Sowing Depth - 1/4 inch

Seed spacing - for bunching type - plant 1 inch apart. For bulbing type, plant seed 2-4 inches apart.

Thinning - no need to thin if bunching. Thin to 4 inches apart if growing to the bulb stage. Try not to disturb surrounding plants when thinning.

Net weight 800 MG