Herb Parsley Plain Leaf

Herb Parsley Plain Leaf
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Herb Parsley Plain Leaf
Parsley - Italian or Plain Leaf

This parsley is a favorite as it has immense foliage which is medium dark green, flat and deeply cut. More flavorful than the curled types, is gathered, dried and put into airtight jars to be used during the winter for flavoring soups, stews and sauces.

Some gardeners like to soak the seed for a few hours before planting to aid in germination. For fresh parsley all winter, a few plants indoors in pots in a sunny window.

Planting time - Early spring or indoors 6-8 weeks earlier.

Matures in - 72 days

Germinates in - Slow to germinate, sometimes 3-4 weeks

Sowing Depth - 1/4 inch

Row spacing - 15 inches

Seed spacing - 1/2 inch

Thinning - when plants are 2-3 inches tall thin to 4 inches apart.

Net weight 800 MG (Estimated 360 seeds)

Bulk Parsley seed available.

18000 Seeds/oz. Plant 1/4oz per 100ft row.

3lbs of Parsley seed needed per acre.