Potting Soil & Compost

Potting Soil & Compost

All the potting mixes and compost contain composted manure and is certified for organic use.

Materials are selected to meet the needs of plants and soil and to be appropriate for growing food and acceptable for certified organic production. We use the metabolic heat produced by microbes to achieve weed seed and disease control, and then cure in a cooler process to stabilize the humus.

The large percentage of compost in our potting mixes is often over 75 percent by weight which gives them a high level of nutrient retention and release potential over time.
Potting soils
Diverse biology in the compost imparts excellent disease suppressive qualities. Our potting soil mixes are blended to provide sufficient nutrients for optimal plant growth without amendment until the media is full of roots. Plants started in our potting soils will have developed the microbial foraging systems to derive nutrients from insoluble forms bound to humus.

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"Starting your seeds in high quality soil is one of the most important steps you can take to rear healthy and vibrant plants. This first step in a plants life is so very critical and can not be overstated which is why I choose to purchase Vermont Compost Fort Vee every spring to start my vegetable and herb seeds. I also use the Vermont Compost Transplant Booster Mix to give my seedlings an extra punch when I go to plant them into the ground. I have used other potting soils before and have been disappointed by low germination rates and sickly plants. With Vermont Compost I have always attained great germination and beautiful plants. Witness organically the true miracles Vermont Compost can grow! It is absolutely worth your dollar."

-Candice Lanette of Phoenixville, PA