Pumpkin Jack Be Little

Pumpkin Jack Be Little
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Pumpkin - Jack Be Little

A true miniature pumpkin averaging just 2 inches high and 3 inches in diameter. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The deep orange, ribbed fruits will last up to 12 months if fully cured on the vine.

May also be planted among corn. Cut pumpkins from vines with pruning shears leaving 3 inches of the stem.

Planting time - Late spring or start indoors 4 to 6 weeks earlier in CowPots

Matures in - 95 days

Germinates in - 10 to 14 days

Sowing depth - 1/2 inch

Hill spacing - 6-10 feet

Seed spacing - 3-5 seeds in a ring 2 inches apart

Thinning - when plants are 3-4 inches tall, thin to 3-4 plants per hill

Net weight 1 G (Estimated 15 seeds)

Bulk Pumpkin seed available.

330 Seeds/oz. Plant 1/2oz per 100ft row.

4lbs of Pumpkin seed needed per acre.