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Raddichio - Rouge De Verona

This heirloom Italian red chicory thrives in cool temperatures and is best planted as a fall crop where summers are warm. The softball sized heads have heart-shaped wine red leaves with prominent white veins. The bitter/spicy flavor mellows when grilled or braised.

Some plants will form loose leave heads. While these plans to continue to grow and harvest these as needed. Deep red color develops after plants are touched by Frost, which enhances flavor

Planting time - Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date for spring harvest, can be planted 4 weeks before first frost. For fall harvest, plant seed directly in garden in late July.

Matures in - 85 Days

Germinates in - 10-14 days

Sowing depth - 1/4 inch

Row spacing - 8-10 inches

Thinning - 8-10 inches

Net weight 800 MG (Estimated 400 seeds)

Bulk Raddichio seed available.

14000 Seeds/lb. Plant 1oz per 100ft row.

4.5lbs of Raddichio seed needed per acre.