Swiss Chard Ruby Red

Swiss Chard Ruby Red
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Swiss Chard - Rhubarb Chard

Rhubarb Chard replaces spinach during the hot summer months and is as easy to grow as beets. The leaves are usually cooked like spinach. The midribs are excellent creamed or as a substitute for asparagus.

Rich in vitamins A and B. make cuttings of the leaves about 1 inch above the ground and new leaves form allowing continuous harvest through the season until frost.

Planting time - early spring to late summer

Matures in - 50 days

Germinates in - 7-14 days

Sowing depth - 1/2 inch

Row spacing - 18 inches

Seed spacing - 1 inch

Thinning - when plants are 3-4 inches tall, thin to 8-10 inches apart

Net weight 1 G (Estimated 35 seeds)

Bulk Swiss Chard seed available.

1600 Seeds/oz. Plant 1oz per 100ft row.

10 lbs of Swiss Chard seed needed per acre.