Soil Repair

Soil Repair
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Product Description

This kit contains all that you need to help repair your soil. It contains a few different soil amendments that are necessary for your soil to be healthy and productive.

Compost PlusTransplant Booster Mix - 6qt bag.
A high nutrient blend of compost, organic and mineral amendments. Excellent as a water-in top dressing for small-celled trays, hanging baskets and potted plants. Use a cup or two in the hole at transplanting to ensure success with bedding plants in the garden. Recommended to help establish balance in new gardens, and maintain vigor in older plantings.

Biochar - Spring Blend 1/3 cu ft
This 9lb bag of is a blend of Biochar, Kelp Meal and compost. Adding this to your soil in the spring will help build a great foundation for your plants.

Worm Power 3lb Bag.
1.5 - 0.7 - 1.5, Made By Worms, Loved By Plants, Worm Castings are an amazing, odorless addition to your soil, potted plants, or any feeding program. Worm Power is organically certified and is OMRI listed. What starts out as compost, worm castings takes things a bit further.