Statice Everlasting

Statice Everlasting
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Statice - Everlasting - Sinuata Mixed Colors


Attractive in the garden, Statice is most widely grown for dried flower use. Grows best in full sun. Tolerant of heat, drought and salt spray.

To dry, cut stalk at ground line. Bunch several plants with a rubber band near the base of each, then hang so that flowers are downward until dry.

Planting time - late spring to early summer

Height - 2 feet

Germinates in - 14-18 days

Sowing Depth - 1/4 inch

Row spacing - 3 inches

Seed spacing - 1/2 inch

Thinning - when plants are 2-3 inches tall thin to 12 inches apart.

Net weight 160 MG (Estimated 60 seeds)